Smith and Wesson AR-15 Rifle Giveaway

Our Second Amendment approved Smith and Wesson AR-15 rifle giveaway has begun, so be sure to enter yourself in daily via our entry options below for an even greater chance of winning before it’s too late!

Please note that all daily entry options are automatically reset every 24 hours from the point in time you last entered, which is clearly noted at the bottom of each entry option upon entering, so feel free to come back as often as you can to earn more entry points, because having more points at the conclusion of this giveaway, will most definitely increase your chances of winning!

Oh, and if you’re experiencing any issues whatsoever trying to earn your daily entry points, simply try out these troubleshooting techniques listed below:

  • Try refreshing or reloading your browser.
  • Log out of the giveaway, then sign back in to try again.
  • Log out of the giveaway, close out your browser, restart your browser, navigate back over to our giveaway, and then try try again!

Disclaimer: The “Stock up on Ammunition” and “Add a Gun to your Arsenal” and “Support us by Shopping on Mil-Out” and “Support us by Shopping on Shalo Tek” giveaway entry options are all connected to our affiliate accounts, which means we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you, if or when you do decide to use our referral link(s) to make a purchase.

Congratulations to our Smith and Wesson AR-15 rifle giveaway winner Howard Caudle, who first entered our gun giveaway on March 28, 2021 at 15:35, and won the grand prize with a total of 327 entries!

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