Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol Giveaway

Our too hot for television Springfield Armory Hellcat (optics ready version) pistol giveaway has begun, so be sure to enter yourself in daily via our entry option(s) below for an even greater chance of winning before it’s too late!

Please note that our “Support us by Shopping on Amazon” entry option is manually updated daily at or before 09:00 (Eastern Standard Time) each and every morning, so feel free to come back as often as you can to earn more entry points for an even greater chance of winning!

Oh, and if you’re experiencing any issues whatsoever trying to earn your daily entry point, it’s totally possible that we haven’t updated it yet, otherwise known as laziness… or you could simply try out these troubleshooting techniques listed below:

  • Try refreshing or reloading your browser.
  • Log out of the giveaway, then sign back in to try again.
  • Log out of the giveaway, close out your browser, restart your browser, navigate back over to our giveaway, and then try try again!

Disclaimer: The “Check out our Item of the Week” and “Support us by Shopping on Amazon” giveaway entry options are connected to our Amazon Associates Affiliate account, which means we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you, if or when you do decide to use our referral link(s) to make a purchase.

Congratulations to our Springfield Armory Hellcat giveaway winner Bryan Vice, who first entered our giveaway on December 31 of 2019 at 13:44, and won the grand prize with a total of 61 entries!

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