Colt 1911 Custom in 24 Karat Gold

We here at the Second Amendment University are extremely proud to auction off this brand new Colt 1911 Series 70 .45 caliber Government Model pistol, in an absolutely stunning custom 24 karat gold plated finish.

She’s extremely magnificent, and is a completely custom design. Her finish was created and applied by the world famous Ford’s refinishing company, the very same guys and gals who do a ton of custom work for the Magnum Research Corporation, and a slew of other renowned gun manufacturers.

The entire firearm is refinished in a special 24 karat gold plated finish, and comes equipped with a set of incredible custom synthetic white pearl grips embedded with golden horse emblems.

Never forget that owning a Colt firearm is the dream of dreams for firearm enthusiasts, and can also double as a perfectly safe and reliable investment for both financial and security purposes.

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  • Okay I have a couple questions …
    1. If I shoot it a couple times let’s say 18 shots ….. will the 24k chip of and if so what’s safe for instance 7-8 shots so it doesn’t heat up ?

    2. Can this gun be shipped to Los Angeles California if so does it have to get shipped to a guns store ? If so do you have a gun store that you guys use close to Los Angeles ?

    • Hello Daniel,

      Our custom guns are for collection purposes only, and should only be fired in a self-defense emergency. We recommend that out customers purchase our all mirror bright nickel model if they want to actually fire their weapon, but any of our models with 24 karat gold plating should not be fired.

      As for California, it is illegal at this time to sell any brand new Colt firearms to California citizens.

      – Ryan

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