Glock 17 Giveaway

We’ve decided to revive our gun giveaways at random going forward, in order to give back to our community of fabulous fans, and extremely fantastic customers!

We’ll mostly be giving away extremely tried-and-true handgun models from brands our company knows and loves, but will be sprinkling a shotgun or rifle into the gun giveaway mix from time to time as well.

We apologize for having to pull our Rafflecopter giveaway that we started the other day on September 15, of 2019 to be exact, but the application stopped working on our end. So I went to go test it out, and yep… it wasn’t working! With that being said, I can only assume that it wasn’t working for any of you either?

It must have been down for a long period of time, because we noticed that the total giveaway entry count number hadn’t changed for a long period of time. Issues like this cannot and will not be tolerated, because it reflects poorly on our company, just as much as it does theirs.

Anyway, this isn’t intended to be a bash the other guy post, so I digress. To remedy the situation, we went ahead and installed our new platform, which is a plugin created and designed by RafflePress.

We look forward to seeing what the new platform has to offer. In the meantime, have fun racking up your entry points each and every day, for an even greater chance of winning our too sweet Glock 17 pistol prize!

If you have any issues whatsoever with our new gun giveaway platform, please feel free to contact us, or just leave a comment in the comment section below, and we will try our best to fix whatever issue, or issues you may be experiencing with it as soon as possible.

Please note that our “Support us by Shopping on Amazon” entry option is manually updated daily at or before 09:00 (Eastern Standard Time) each and every morning, so feel free to come back as often as you can to earn more entry points for an even greater chance of winning!

Oh, and if you’re experiencing any issues whatsoever trying to earn your daily entry point, it’s totally possible that we haven’t updated it yet, otherwise known as laziness… or you could simply try out these troubleshooting techniques listed below:

  • Try refreshing or reloading your browser.
  • Log out of the giveaway, then sign back in to try again.
  • Log out of the giveaway, close out your browser, restart your browser, navigate back over to our giveaway, and then try try again!

Disclaimer: The “Check out our Item of the Week” and “Support us by Shopping on Amazon” giveaway entry options are connected to our Amazon Associates Affiliate account, which means we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you, if or when you do decide to use our referral link(s) to make a purchase.

Congratulations to our Glock 17 giveaway winner Cary Jones, who first entered our giveaway on September 22 of 2019 at 07:35, and won the grand prize with a total of 107 entries!

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  • Hello my name is Bradley , and I live in the state of Tennessee. I’ve entered into your giveaway but I may not win. I have for years been a Democrat, but facing encouragement to switch up. I’ve always supported gun ownership. Not to long ago my beloved Springfield XDS bi tone .45 was stolen from me. I saved for a long time to get it, and I do not feel like my family is protected without it. I can not afford to replace it whatsoever. I was wondering if you may be able to help me? At this point I’d feel better with any firearm that will have stopping power and can be concealed. Anything at all. It’s always a good day to switch a dem, and arm them

  • Great gun giveaway. I have shot the Glock 17 many times. The 17 fits my big hand just right. would love to win this one. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Reach for the stars!

  • Everybody should own a Glock…I need this one.

  • Blessed Yule, y’all!

    This is fantastic! Could definitely use this for when I get back to work. You guys are awesome!

  • Hoping to win. This would be my first firearm I would own. Fell in love with firearms in the US Navy. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • I guess like a lot of people on here, I’ve only dreamed of winning something. Like someone somewhere once said ” You definitely can’t if you don’t at least try” or something along those lines. Any way good luck everyone and a big Thank You Ryan for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gun.

    • I can’t even begin to tell you how many of our past gun giveaway winners have told me that they’ve never won anything in their lives, and that they can’t believe that they actually won, especially something as significant and valuable as a good quality firearm, so I hear you loud and clear Jimmie, and you are so right!

      I wish you the best of luck, and thank you so much for all your support and appreciation!

      – Ryan

  • I have 19 and 43X and I won them both, so come to the fam baby!

    • Holy smokes, you are one lucky son of gun Devon, and I would wish you luck… but it doesn’t seem like you even need it!

      – Ryan

    • You are one lucky guy. I’ve never won anything. I would love to win a Glock . Good luck winning this one to complete your collection

    • How do you win two guns. I’ve entered probably hundreds of gun giveaways and never won anything. Guess I’m just not a plucky person. Good luck completing the family

  • I am a disabled vet, and love my guns and these giveaways.
    I have entered over 1000 of them and never even won a sharp stick.
    A glock is on the wish list but on a fixed income, winning is the only way i will get a new gun.
    Me and my self made sharp stick wishes everyone good luck
    RL Bennett

    • Good morning Sir,

      I thank you for your service, and as a fellow veteran myself, I wish you the best of luck this time around!

      – Ryan

  • I love some of the comments about not wanting a Glock. It’s a free gun man! Support our rights, get a gun… give it to me if you don’t want it…

  • Great way to make people aware of their 2nd Amendment rights. I hope more people get involved in their constitutional rights.

    • Hey there Robert,

      We thought so too, and gamification is indeed a great way to get people more involved in the things they care about, with a chance of winning something awesome and relatable to boot! Thank you for your support and participation Robert, and good luck on the giveaway!

      – Ryan

      • I currently own a Glock 19 and would really like to own a Glock 17 I’m very impressed with my glock and I’m sure the Glock 17 is just as nice. I hope I get lucky.

        • Good day to you Bob,

          The 19 is pretty much just a smaller version of the 17, and they are both amazing firearms! I appreciate you stopping in to comment and participate, and I wish you the best of luck!

          – Ryan

  • This would be super awesome to win this Prize package I stand strong on the 2nd amendment ,,, I am a proud gun owner ,,,and I support the 2nd amendment 110%

  • Glocks are my Jam!

    • They are many peoples Jam, and for good reason too… one of them being that they hardly ever jam!

      Ya see what I did there?

      Ha ha, anyway, good luck to you!

      – Ryan

  • Love to be able to add this to the collection.

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Thank you for this chance to win a nice Glock 17. I hope lady luck is looking over my shoulder when you draw the winner’s name.

    • You’re very welcome Rodger!

      It’s always fun to run these gun giveaways when we have the means, and I hope “Lady Luck” treats you well this time around.

      – Ryan

  • Side note; I’d like to see you folks put some pockets on them tshirts.

    • Ha ha, I hear ya Anthony!

      All of our shirts are made on Amazon’s merchandise platform, so as soon as they have pocket shirts we’ll be sure to make one for you.

      – Ryan

  • Wooo, another great contest from yall. Thanks for putting them on!

    • Hey thanks a bunch Thomas, it means a lot!

      Whenever we have the means, and the time to host one we will try our best to do so.

      For a time there we had neither, but we are back on track now, so enjoy it and good luck!

      – Ryan

  • It seems this contest has become bogus ?
    I got that impression from the statement on this e-mail by it’s sponsors ?

    • I’m sorry to hear that you think that William.

      Could you please take a screenshot of the “e-mail from our sponsors” you claim to have, and post the link here in the comment section for us all to see it?

      – Ryan

  • I would love to own a 9mm. thank you for the chance to win one

  • Convince me that I would actually like owning a Glock. I double-dog dare ya!

  • Thanks for the opportunity I need a 9mm

  • It did not give me credit for visiting the Amazon page. I thought you should know. After visiting Amazon I clicked on the I visited link but it did not work.

    • Hello Mark,

      I see that you have 2 entries total so far, so the last option didn’t go through for you.

      Do you have a pop-up blocker on, if so it may have prevented you from viewing our Amazon page? Did you actually see the Amazon listing for my book, or did nothing happen when you clicked on the entry option?

      The entry option has been reset (no previous entries are lost in a reset), so you may try again whenever you like.

      Thanks again for participating, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      – Ryan

  • Nice choice.

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