Best Gun Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

Originally designed for cleaning and polishing wine glasses, this cloth is the perfect choice for us as sellers of very expensive, and extremely shiny firearms that generally require a lot of cleaning and polishing once they come back from the factory and beyond.

In fact, we believe in this particular cloth so much so, that we actually recommend it to all of our customers who have purchased one or more of our custom guns, and advise them against using anything else, unless of course it has been proven “not to” damage our custom guns in anyway beforehand.

As some of you may already know, some of our custom firearm models have components that are plated in 24 karat gold, and we advise each customer not to continuously rub the gold once it has been cleaned and polished, due to the fact that 24 karat gold is a very sensitive metal.

This cloth is perfect for anyone who owns a shiny firearm, whether it be a bright mirror nickel, a polished stainless steel, or even an all 24 karat gold plated gun, this is definitely the cloth you’ve been searching for.

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