Colt 1991 Custom Engraved Pistol for Sale

It’s not everyday we have access to a custom engraved Colt pistol… so this was a very special treat for us indeed, which was all made possible thanks to master engraver Santiago Leis and his son Andy, by placing her on loan to us for a bit.

As you can see from the image below, this 1 of 1 firearm is absolutely gorgeous, with her master blue slide and custom finished frame, coupled with her 24 karat gold plated components, there really isn’t anything you couldn’t love about this gun.

This firearm was engraved by the world renowned engraver Santiago Leis, and every single Leis engraved gun is a unique work of art with the utmost attention to detail. His craftsmanship is the result of a passion for artwork, and a love for firearms, with a nearly 40 year record of experience in the engraving business.

This gun won’t last long on the auction block, and it may already be sold in fact by the time you read this, but if you were interested in purchasing her, please feel free to check her out for yourself.

Simply tap or click here to check out this Colt 1991 custom engraved pistol.

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