Colt 1991 Custom Engraved Pistol

It’s not everyday we have access to a custom engraved Colt pistol, so this was a very special treat for us indeed, which was all made possible thanks to master engraver Santiago Leis and his son Andy, by placing her on loan to us for a bit.

As you can see from the image below, this 1 of 1 firearm is absolutely gorgeous, with her master blue slide and custom finished frame, coupled with her 24 karat gold plated components, there really isn’t anything you couldn’t love about this gun.

This firearm was engraved by the world renowned engraver Santiago Leis, and every single Leis engraved gun is a unique work of art with the utmost attention to detail. His craftsmanship is the result of a passion for artwork, and a love for firearms, with a nearly 40 year record of experience in the engraving business.

This gun definitely didn’t last very long on the ole auction block, and has already been sold!

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  • Yep I am Stephanie Stransky, you can reach me at 206.604.1793. I did just purchase the gun from a Florida dealer. It is absolutely beautiful and he might know of another for sale but I am also looking too, it took me over a month to track down the one I got so there is definitely a lot of research involved. My particular one matches up exactly to the one that Theadore Roosevelt owned as a back gun to his 45 cal. and of course he loved his rifles too, which are very beautiful. I think I need to track one of those down, they are engraved as well but not sure by whom

    • Master engraver Santiago Leis engraves all of our guns, and if you check Gun Broker from time to time, you’ll see the different masterpieces he has for sale.

      – Ryan

  • I am interest in a Santiago leis engraved automatic handgun. I prefer the bright nickel with 24k but it is not a must. you can email me if you know of someone who is selling on to

    • Hey there, and thanks for contacting us.

      If you’re still interested in a Santiago Leis engraved firearm, I suggest that you search Gun Broker to see what he is currently selling.

      Thanks again, and have a great one!

      – Ryan

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