Gun Hating in a Post Apocalyptic World

There are a lot of people out there who absolutely hate guns, why they hate them is usually do to misinformation passed on to them by their gun hating mentors.

The self proclaimed elites of society hate guns only when average people have access to them, but have no problem whatsoever having an entire personal security detail armed to the teeth.

Whatever the case may be on why different people hate guns, the question I ask is whether or not they would still hate them so adamantly, if we were to hypothetically succumb to a mix of catastrophic world events, which would essentially leave us to fend for ourselves in some sort of Mad Max style environment?

Is it possible for a person to survive in a post apocalyptic world without being one with the gun, or is it safe to say a person may only survive with the protection of another who is one with the gun?

In my opinion, these people who hate guns, have to hate them through and through, not only when it’s convenient for them to hate them… wouldn’t you agree?

Because even the biggest and strongest person in the world is no match for the world’s smallest firearm, so I believe the old saying about God creating men and women, and Samuel Colt making them all equal, is absolutely correct in this scenario.

I for one don’t want this apocalyptic “what if” to occur, but if it ever did come to fruition, I’m awfully sure the present day Gun Haters, will most certainly become, future Gun Lovers.

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