Firing the Desert Eagle Fifty Caliber

This wasn’t exactly a normal review process, due to the fact that I only took six hollow point .50 caliber Action Express rounds along with a Magnum Research Desert Eagle fifty out to the range for a quick test fire.

With that being said, all you purest out there looking for numbers, dimensions, and exact recoil pressure statistics, etcetera, etcetera, this is probably not the article you’ve been searching for.

A little bit of back story before I begin:

My partner owned a gun shop, and every once in a long while we would get a rare firearm in on trade, and since all firearms that weren’t purchased from a licensed firearm wholesaler are considered used, it allowed us the ability to test fire them for safety and recreational purposes.

Needles to say, I took full advantage of these rare and awesome opportunities, by firing any and all of the unique pieces that came in on trade at one of our local ranges.

Below is an image of the exact Desert Eagle pistol I used for this test fire review:

At the range I pulled this beast of a gun out of her carrying case, along with a single magazine.

I loaded the magazine with three rounds, which is just the right amount for a good shot group test. I inserted my magazine, racked the slide, got into a good bench rest position, and acquired my sight alignment sight picture.

My target was just over ten yards away which isn’t much, but was an ideal distance for shooting an unfamiliar weapon system in my opinion.

After three slow steady squeezes, I visually recorded where my impacts were made, and proceeded to send my last three remaining rounds down range. All my impacts were slightly up and to the left, and were all fairly tight with a couple of keyholes to boot.

As for the recoil of this weapon (which wasn’t too bad in my opinion), it felt like the equivalent of shooting a ten millimeter times two.

With that being said, I do believe that the Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 caliber Action Express is an extremely impractical weapon for everyday use, and should be considered more like a decorative piece or a status symbol… but definitely not as practical weapon system for everyday use.

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