Using Pistol Hangers in your Gun Safe

Pistol hangers aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely a life saver for individuals who own firearms that have polished or custom finishes, due to the fact that you may store them in your safe without any wear or tear on the finish of the firearm whatsoever.

Unlike with the very common safe door organizers seen below, which require you to place them in what could best be described as pistol holsters, the gun hangers allow for zero rub slash friction on the finish of your firearms while moving them in and out of your safe.

As you may have already imagined, with the door safe pistol holster system seen above, there is going to be a lot of in and out friction while maneuvering your guns to and fro.

It may or may not be an issue for you, because it all just depends on what kind of firearms you’re dealing with. If most of the guns you own are your traditional blued tactical firearms, and are mostly used for recreational use, this won’t be an issue for you either way.

If you do want to protect your guns a little bit better against friction, and normal in and out action, I do believe the Fixxxer gun hangers seen below would be the better option for you.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on both product options, or if you’ve had a better experience with a different product all together, please let me know in the comment section below.

I know I’ve personally have built some custom options in the past for my gun safes, and would like to hear about your projects as well.

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