Colt 1911 Custom Grips for Sale

We here at the Second Amendment University are extremely proud to offer to you these brand new sets of incredibly designed and created 1911 synthetic grips in various finishes, which are 100% made right here in our beloved United States of America.

They are offered for sale with either silver or gold horse emblems embedded within them, and are designed and compatible to fit most any standard size 1911 pistol.

Please take into consideration, that because these are synthetically simulated natural pearl grips, that each pair sold will differ slightly in appearance from our photographs. With that being said, below is a photograph of our best seller, which are synthetic white pearl grips with golden horse emblems.

All the 1911 grips we sell are compatible with, but not limited to these full size 1911 pistol model brands: Colt, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, Ruger, Para-Ordnance, Wilson, Baer, Ed Brown, Remington, Rock Island Armory, American Tactical, and many more.

Oh, and for an even better understanding of what our grips look like on an actual firearm, please feel free to check out the video we created below, which showcases them in all their glory on one of our custom firearms.

Simply tap or click here to contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a pair of these synthetic white pearl grips with golden horse emblems, which are by far our best selling grips of all-time.

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