Shirt Sale Challenge

Today we’ll be kicking off another…

Second Amendment University limited edition T-shirt sale challenge, which means if we reach our sales goal of successfully selling 100 shirts by the end of the year, we will create and kickoff one of our exclusive subscriber gun giveaways.

The benefits of a subscriber only giveaway should be obvious, but just in case you’re not in the loop, let me elaborate.

The link for our exclusive firearm giveaway will only be shared with our most loyal fans and customers, which are the folks on our mailing list.

How does this benefit you in a major way?

Well, because the giveaway will not be public, which means that a whole lot less people will be participating, and that amplifies your chances of winning a brand new firearm substantially.

If, or when we reach our sales goal, we will conduct a secret poll to find out which gun we should give away.

Another benefit to this gun giveaway, over our regularly scheduled giveaways, is that once the sales goal is met, and the poll is completed, the giveaway will only last for 7 days, which means that you the winner, will have a brand new firearm prize in your gun loving mitts a whole lot sooner than usual.

If this is something you would like to see happen, please consider purchasing one of our shirts, which happens to be a totally awesome Christmas gift as well by the way, in order to get this exclusive firearm giveaway started.

Thank you, please enjoy your Thanksgiving, and if you’d like to participate, the instructions on how to purchase one or more of our shirts are as follows:

To participate, and to help activate an exclusive gun giveaway in the process, simply tap or click here to purchase one of our shirts, or as many shirts as you’d like.

If you don’t do eBay, and would still like to purchase a shirt, please utilize the instructions below:

To purchase a shirt using cash, check, or money order, please send your payment to the following address below, along with your shirt size or sizes, the number of shirts you would like, and your return address.

Please send your payment, and information to:

Second Amendment University
Post Office Box 770771
Ocala, Florida 34477

Thank you for reading this all the way to the end, and do have yourself… a legendary day!

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