Quarterly to Yearly Gun Giveaways

Let me start off by saying…

That our gun giveaways were always intended as way to give back to the gun community as a whole, and as a gift for our loyal customers, and biggest fans.

But as of late… that is no longer the case.

Recently, due to our giveaway provider changing their policies, we are no longer able to link our Amazon referral link, directly into our support us by shopping on Amazon giveaway entry, so we had to create a page that linked to it instead.

After reviewing our analytics, it appears that the great majority of the folks entering our giveaways, are too lazy to click through via that link, and instead have opted to do the bare minimum, which greatly hurts our ability to fund our very expensive firearm giveaways.

I suspect that this great majority are “professional sweepers”, which are people who enter raffles, contests, and giveaways for a living, and generally do not care about the persons or companies sponsoring and funding them, in any way shape or form.

With that being said, we are now going to create one gun giveaway per year, which will end on the last day of any particular year.

And, in order to combat the “professional sweepers”, we are going to refrain from publicly posting and sharing our gun giveaways, with the outside world.

Our gun giveaways will only be posted on Second Amendment University owned properties, and all sharing oriented entries, will be disabled going forward.

Also, as an added bonus for people who actually read their mail, we have begun creating special surprise giveaways, that will include many gun related prizes, and even guns in some special instances, that may only be found inside of the occasional messages we send out via electronic mail.

Oh, and upon further review of our analytics, we have also noticed, that there was no obvious direct correlation in sales tied to our gun giveaways, which was also used as a form of advertising for our company, which is another reason why we are cutting back to one year intervals as well.

We appreciate those of you who actually care, and we look forward to still providing the best possible experience for you into the New Year, and beyond.

Simply tap or click here to enter our latest and greatest gun giveaway!

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  • I understand why your changing things and hope it works out

  • So sorry to hear of issues. But highly respect you in all you do. Have a daughter that will be ready soon for class. Will watch for any projects. Any things we can do let us know.

  • I really hope that this works out better for you and that the sweepers do not have a chance to spoil it for everyone that is a loyal follower. And may I say I think you are doing a very good job educating folks.

    • Hey thanks Gregory,

      We are trying our best, and will try to get more content out there as often as we can.

      My company and I truly believe in what we are doing, and want to help the firearm community in the best way that we possibly can.

  • Glad to see your taking steps to stop it! Enjoy your articles!

  • Say it ain’t so! I’m also one who’s had a bad run of luck lately that has hindered my hobbies but your Amazon link has sold me on a few different cleaning and maintenance items. I personally don’t know enough about the interwebs to figure out how to become a professional sweeper, I do follow a hand full of companies who do giveaways but mainly so I can drool over the chance to have some of their products. Love what your doing and hope you find the right balance between giving back and bringing in new customers. Thanks for all you do!

    • Ha ha, it is so, but like I said, this is for the better.

      More gun, and firearm related giveaways for the people who deserve them will be created in 2018 and beyond, so in reality, this is a big plus for you, and those like you Russel… so no worries.

  • I understand and support you in your change. I’m not a professional sweeper by any means. I enjoy your posts and videos. I started entering your giveaways and several others during the past 2.5 years while being stuck at home recovering from multiple surgeries to repair my Achilles’ tendon and my heal (4 to be exact). I looked forward each day when my wife would carry my coffee out side for me as I wheeled my self on a knee walker. I checked my email and my book marked sites, yours among others, and did my daily, some multiple daily entries. Living on 2/3 worker’s compensation killed my funding for even ammo let alone a new or used firearm. I’ve never won any type of sweepstakes any always hope to. I have used your amazon link to buy a couple small gifts for my wife, cheap little things, when I could. I have just recently returned to full duty as a deputy so I can start paying bills and saving again for off duty upgrade or something fun at the range. I’d hate to be dropped from your email list.

    • I’m so glad to hear that you’re up and running again Don, and feeling much better.

      Your story is inspirational, and hopefully it could help others that come across it, who may be suffering a bad-run at the moment.

      I hope your dream of winning a giveaway comes true someday, and I wish you the best of luck on our latest gun giveaway… maybe the Redhawk revolver will be your first win!

  • Hey, sorry to hear you have a beef with professional sweepers. I’m retired, disabled, and on a fixed budget because I rely on my Social Security check to survive. But I can tell you this, I do like to carry and shoot my firearm, I do appreciate my 2nd amendment right to have and conceal carry my gun. Who doesn’t want to win another gun? You ask me to support your business by shopping on Amazon. Well, I shop there. You asked me to subscribe to your Gun Giveaway Mailing List. I did, you have my name and Email address. I also have your website bookmarked in a bookmark folder titled “Guns and Ammo”. I’m always in the market for a handgun deal to replace my tired old Betsey, so I do check my mail, and it would be my impossible dream to be the proud owner of a brand new ‘Cadillac class’ handgun, rifle, or shotgun. All I ask you to consider that some of those you consider as professional sweepers are really genuine gun loving people who are not rich but have a dream.

    • We appreciate the comment Brenda, but after reading what you had to say, you are not on our removal targeting list.

      Into the new year, people will actually have to make an effort to find and participate in all of our giveaways going forward, so if you continue to do all of the things you mentioned… we will gladly continue to accept you into our community.

  • I sure hope I am not one of those on your sh** list. But yes, I do enter your drawings, and IM hope one day to visit florids and come by your store for a visit, and hopefully a purchase. I have enjoyed your videos and the articles and photo spreads of the beautiful guns you have customized.
    Pleaee do keep up the good work.

    • Ha ha, you are definitely not Steve, and like I told the other guys, this post was not meant for you, or people like you, only for those professional sweeper types. In the end, this change is going to be beneficial to you good guys, because now you’ll have a much better chance of winning one of our giveaways going forward.

  • Sorry you have to take this step but under stand

  • Understandable. I’m from Alaska, so chances of me shopping your store is pretty slim. But, I do repost your stuff at least weekly to my Facebook page. I know it’s little help, but I do understand your problem. Thanks for what you do!

    • Hey Ron, and like I told the guys already, this post was not meant for folks like you who actually care, it was a message to those professional sweepers, who just enter our giveaways blindly without any love or positive thought for our company whatsoever.

  • Understandable

    • I’m glad you understand Tim, and now it will be much easier for folks like you, who actually care to win, now that we’ll be doing our best in 2018 and beyond to ward-off those professional sweeper types!

  • I’m sorry that your followers are not all up to snuff, I wanted to let you know I personally enjoy your content, videos and yes the giveaways are an awesome bonus, love the custom firearms you silver and gold plate as well. I unfortunately am unable to purchase higher end firearms because of budget limits, but I do love to see them and wish! Thanks for all you do, sincerely!

    • No worries Mark, and like I told Wade, this was a longtime coming, and starting in 2018 we are going to combat the professional sweepers, so that fans of our company like yourself, have a better chance of winning our gun giveaways.

  • It was recently that I saw that link embedded in the page. My Internet is rater slow so it takes things a while to load up…

    • Hey Wade, I understand, and this post was not meant for folks like you who have been around forever, it was mainly to show you all that we are working on a way to combat the professional sweepers, so that people like you can actually win our giveaways.

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