How to Buy a Gun Online

First let me start off with a brief disclaimer:

Every country, state, city, town, village, etcetera has it’s own rules, regulations, commandments and so on and so forth, so make sure you understand what those are, prior to attempting to purchase a firearm via the internet.

Now that we have that covered, let’s go over a few simple steps, on how to properly purchase a gun online shall we. Oh, and please follow them verbatim, in order to achieve the best results:

    1. Locate the firearm you would like to purchase online.
    2. Contact a local Federal Firearms Licensee, and ask them if they accept gun transfers?
    3. Ask them what their transfer fee is if applicable, and what the total is, including the background check fee?
    4. Also inquire as to whether or not the gun you are trying to transfer, is actually legal for you to own in your current legal location of residency.
    5. Once all of this is established, and you are good to go to proceed with your online firearm purchase, simply go back to your merchant of choice to make your purchase.
    6. It would be easier to watch the video below for a better explanation of this step, but if you can’t view it for some reason, simply go ahead and contact the merchant you just purchased your gun from, and let them know that your Federal Firearms Licensee of choice will be sending them a copy of his or her Federal Firearms License, and then ask them how they would like for him or her to send it, via Fax, snail mail (not recommended), or electronic mail?
    7. Once you have the information from step 6, you may now contact your Federal Firearms Licensee of choice, to let them know that you just purchased the firearm you both spoke about earlier, and that they would like for him or her to send them a copy of his or her Federal Firearms License via (whichever way the merchant you purchased the gun from requested).
    8. Once all parties have communicated with one another, and steps 2 through 7 are properly complete, your transaction should be in motion, and you should receive a shipping slash tracking number from the merchant you purchased your firearm from.
    9. Call your Federal Firearms Licensee of choice prior to your gun arriving, to inquire as to what forms of identification and other credentials you will need in order to properly release your new gun from his or her custody.
    10. Be sure to be on sight at your Federal Firearms Licensee’s place of business when your firearm arrives if possible, by simply monitoring the tracking information you received from the merchant you purchased your gun from. Fill-out all the necessary paperwork, pass your background check, pay your transfer and background fee if applicable, and then finally, your online firearm purchase is officially, and legally completed.


I hope this guide was helpful for you, and please feel free to let me know if I missed anything via the comment section below. Any advice, or suggestions to make this guide better would be greatly appreciated, and you would most definitely have our everlasting thanks to boot.


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