Improved Website Design and Layout

We’ve updated our website design…

In order to stay up to date for all the new requirements coming out from Google and others, we’ve decided that it was time to upgrade our website design and layout.

We hope you like it, and we apologize for the mess over the last few days. It wasn’t easy making the transition, and sadly, some links out there on the internet may not work for awhile… or ever work again in some rare cases.

We also felt, that it was a good idea, to finally put all of our Second Amendment University properties under one digital roof, which was another huge reason as to why we felt the update was an absolute necessity.

Oh, and finally, please feel free to test our new website as hard as you can, and to report any problems you may have experienced, while navigating our brand new website.

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  • There seems to be an “ended AR” contest in the place of a branny-new Ruger Redhawk giveaway.

    • Hello there Curtis,

      We are aware of the situation, and if you’d like, simply use our link below in order to gain access to our brand new Ruger Redhawk giveaway, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

      Click to Enter:

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